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Induction arc furnace's introduction

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Induction arc furnace-what is it?

Induction furnace is an electric furnace that uses the induction electric heating effect of materials to heat or melt materials. The main components of induction furnace include inductor, furnace body, power supply, capacitor and control system.

The main components of induction furnace include inductor, furnace body, power supply, capacitor and control system.

Under the action of alternating electromagnetic field in the induction furnace, eddy current is generated in the material, so as to achieve the effect of heating or melting. Under the stirring action of this alternating magnetic field, the composition and temperature of materials in the furnace are relatively uniform. The forging heating temperature can reach 1250 ℃ and the melting temperature can reach 1650 ℃.

In addition to heating or melting in the atmosphere, the induction furnace can also be heated or melted in vacuum and argon, neon and other protective atmospheres to meet the requirements of special quality. Induction furnace has outstanding advantages in diathermy or melting soft magnetic alloy, high resistance alloy, platinum group alloy, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant alloy and pure metal. Induction furnace is usually divided into induction heating furnace and smelting furnace.medium frequency induction furnace price - Juxinde

An induction current generated by the induction coil of a material heating furnace. If the metal material is heated, place it in a crucible made of refractory. If the non-metallic material is heated, place the material in a graphite crucible. When the AC frequency is increased, the induced current frequency is increased accordingly, and the heat generated is increased. The induction furnace has the advantages of rapid heating, high temperature, convenient operation and control, less pollution of materials in the heating process, and can ensure the product quality. It is mainly used for smelting special high-temperature materials. It can also be used as heating and control equipment for single crystal growth from melt.

Smelting furnaces are divided into cored induction furnace and coreless induction furnace

The cored induction furnace has an iron core passing through the inductor and is powered by power frequency power supply. It is mainly used for smelting and heat preservation of various cast iron, brass, bronze, zinc and other metals. The electrical efficiency is more than 90%. It can use waste furnace charge, with low smelting cost and a maximum furnace capacity of 270 tons.

Coreless induction furnace is divided into power frequency induction furnace, triple frequency induction furnace, generator unit medium frequency induction furnace, thyristor medium frequency induction furnace and high frequency induction furnace.

Induction furnace's supporting equipment

The complete set of equipment of medium frequency induction furnace includes: power supply and electrical control part, furnace body part, transmission device and water cooling system.

Medium frequency furnace's working principle

When the alternating current passes through the induction coil, the alternating magnetic field will be generated around the coil, and the conductive materials in the furnace will generate the induced potential under the action of the alternating magnetic field. A current (eddy current) will be formed at a certain depth on the charge surface, and the charge will be heated and melted by eddy current.

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