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Common Applications of Gas Generators

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As a power source

The V-2 rocket uses hydrogen peroxide decomposed by a liquid sodium permanganate catalyst solution as a gas generator.This is used to drive the turbo pump to pressurize the main LOX-ethanol propellant.In the Saturn V F and Space Shuttle main engines,some primary propellant is combusted to drive a turbopump (see Gas Generator Cycle and Staged Combustion Cycle).The gas generators in these designs use a highly fuel-rich mixture to keep the flame temperature relatively low.The Space Shuttle Auxiliary Power Unit and the F-16 Emergency Power Unit (EPU)use hydrazine as fuel.The gas drives a turbine,which drives a hydraulic pump. In the F-16 EPU it also drives the generator.Gas generators were also used to power torpedoes.For example, the US Navy Mark 16 torpedo is powered by hydrogen peroxide.A concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide is called a high test peroxide and decomposes to produce oxygen and water (steam).Hydrazine decomposes into nitrogen and hydrogen.The reaction is strongly exothermic and produces a large amount of hot gas from a small amount of liquid. Ferroalloy

1.{\displaystyle {\ce {3 N2H4 -> 4 NH3 + N2}}}

2.Many solid rocket propellant compositions can be used as gas generators.

3.Expansion and fire suppression.

4.Many car airbags are inflated using sodium azide (as of 2003)A small pyrotechnic charge triggers its decomposition, producing nitrogen gas that inflates the airbag in about 30 milliseconds.A typical airbag in the United States might contain 130 grams of sodium azide.

5.Similar gas generators are used to extinguish fires.

6.Sodium azide decomposes exothermically into sodium and nitrogen.

7.The resulting sodium is harmful, so other materials such as potassium nitrate and silicon dioxide are added to convert it into silicate glass.

8.Oxygen production.

9.A chemical oxygen concentrator delivers breathable oxygen at a controlled rate for extended periods of time.Use sodium, potassium and lithium chlorates and perchlorates.

10.Generation of gas.

11.Plants that convert coke or other carbonaceous materials into producer gas may be used as a source of gas for industrial use.This portable gas generator was used to power vehicles during World War II as a way to alleviate gasoline shortages.

Gas evolution reaction:

A gas evolution reaction is a chemical reaction in which one of the end products is a gas, such as oxygen or carbon dioxide.When the gas produced is toxic or explosive when inhaled, the gas evolution reaction can be carried out in a ventilated room.

Gas turbine:

A gas turbine, also known as a gas turbine, is a continuous flow internal combustion engine.The main components common to all gas turbine engines make up the power generating component (called the gas generator or core), and in the direction of flow:

  • Rotary gas compressors.

  • Combustion chamber.

  • Compressor driven turbine.

Additional components must be added to the gas generator to suit its application.Common is one air intake,but with different configurations to suit the requirements for sea use, land use or flight at different speeds from stationary to supersonic.Added propulsion nozzles to generate flight thrust.Adding an extra turbine to drive a propeller (turboprop) or a ducted fan (turbofan) reduces fuel consumption at subsonic flight speeds (by improving propulsion efficiency).Additional turbines are also required to drive helicopter rotors or land vehicle transmissions (turbine shafts), marine propellers or generators (power turbines).Greater flight thrust-to-weight ratio achieved by adding afterburner.The basic operation of a gas turbine is a Brayton cycle with air as the working fluid: the atmosphere flows through the compressor, bringing it to a higher pressure;then the energy is increased by injecting fuel into the air and igniting it,causing the combustion to generate a high temperature flow;This hot, pressurized gas enters the turbine, where it generates shaft work output,which is used to drive the compressor; unused energy is released from the exhaust and can be re-used for external work, such as generating thrust directly in a turbojet engine,or spin a second separate turbine (called a power turbine),which can be connected to a fan, propeller, or generator.The purpose of a gas turbine dictates the design for an optimal energy distribution between thrust and shaft work.The fourth step of the Brayton cycle (cooling of the working fluid) is omitted because gas turbines are open systems and do not reuse the same air.Gas turbines are used to power airplanes,trains,ships,generators,pumps,gas compressors and tanks.

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