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What is Plate rolling machine?

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A plate rolling machine is a machine that rolls different kinds of metal sheets into circular or conical shapes.It can also be called "bending machine", "plate rolling machine" or "plate rolling machine".

There are different techniques for rolling sheet metal:Plate rolling machine

  • Four-roll machines have a top roll, pinch rolls and two side rolls.Flat sheet metal is placed on either side of the machine and "pre-bent" on the same side. The side rollers do the bending work.The pinch rollers clamp the printing plate.

  • Three-roll machines (variable pitch aka variable geometry) have one nip top roll and two nip side rolls.

Three-roll variable pitch works by allowing all three rolls to move and tilt.The upper roller moves in the vertical plane, and the side rollers move in the horizontal plane.During rolling, the top roll presses the metal sheet between the side rolls.The advantage of variable three rolls is the ability to roll cylinders of various thicknesses and diameters.For example; side rolls are responsible for the mechanical advantage. With the side rolls open all the way, one has the greatest mechanical advantage.With the side roll going all the way in, you have minimal mechanical advantage.So a machine is capable of rolling 2" thick material with maximum mechanical advantage, but works only 1/2" thick.Reduced mechanical advantage, one machine can roll 1/2 to 2 inches thick.

Plate cylinders can be powered and controlled in a number of ways. Older plate mills are driven by electric motors, while newer plate mills are controlled by programs loaded into the CNC controller.When considering purchasing plate rolls, industrial machinery companies such as Provetco Technology ask about the working length of the roll, the maximum thickness of the material, the upper roll diameter size, and the minimum thickness of the material. Additionally, material yield is another key factor disclosed to machinery companies when looking for plate rolls.

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