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The use of ferromanganese

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.Ferromanganese is widely used in steel industry,foundry industry and other industrial production.Iron and steel industry:Ferromanganese is an indispensable deoxidizer and desulfurizer in the steelmaking industry.Good steel needs deoxidation and desulfurization during smelting,and the use of deoxidizers will greatly increase its cost.Therefore,ferromanganese is an inexpensive deoxidizer.Desulfurization refers to the removal of harmful substances such as sulfur in steel.Ferromanganese can well achieve the purpose of desulfurization,effectively reduce the content of harmful elements in steel,and improve the quality of steel.In the steelmaking industry,about 3 to 5 kilograms of 75% ferromanganese are consumed for each ton of steel produced.Foundry industry:Adding ferromanganese to cast iron can be used as an inoculant and nodulizer for nodular cast iron,and can prevent the formation of carbides,promote graphite precipitation,greatly shorten the nodularization time,and greatly reduce the form of impurities in molten iron.Cast iron quality,improve cast iron performance. And reduce the clogging of the nozzle of the melting furnace,effectively prolonging the service life of the melting furnace.Other industries:High-carbon ferromanganese or manganese alloys are used as reducing agents for the production of low-carbon ferroalloys in the ferroalloy industry.Ferromanganese powder can be used as a suspension phase in the beneficiation industry,and as a coating for welding rods in the electrode manufacturing industry; ferromanganese can be used to prepare semiconductor pure manganese in the electrical industry,and can be used to manufacture manganese ketones in the chemical industry.

Product Description Ferromanganese

Ferromanganese:An iron alloy of manganese and iron.Blast furnace high carbon ferromanganese:used as a deoxidizer or alloying element additive in steelmaking.

Ferromanganese Packaging

Specifications and particle size:natural block,10-100mm,powder or customized according to customer requirements.

Packing:tons of bags (1000kg/bag) or customized according to customer requirements

Gas Generator

A gas generator is a device that generates gas.When storing pressurized gas is not ideal or practical,a gas generator can generate gas through a chemical reaction or from a solid or liquid source.The term generally refers to devices that use rocket propellants to generate large quantities of gas.This gas is typically used to drive turbines rather than provide thrust like a rocket engine.This type of gas generator is used to power a turbo pump in a rocket engine in a gas generator cycle.It is also used by some auxiliary power units to power generators and hydraulic pumps.Another common use of the term is in the industrial gases industry,where gas generators are used to produce gaseous chemicals for sale.For example,chemical oxygen concentrators,which deliver breathable oxygen at a controlled rate for extended periods of time.Portable gas generators,which convert coke to coal gas,were used to power vehicles during World War II as a way of alleviating gasoline shortages.Other types include gas generators in car airbags,designed to produce specific amounts of inert gas quickly.

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