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Submerged arc furnace's method principle

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Ferrosilicon furnace's method principle

In general, in order to solve the problem of low power factor of submerged arc furnace, China generally adopts the way of capacitance compensation, which is usually reactive power compensation at the high-voltage end. However, because the high-voltage end compensation can not solve the problem of three-phase balance, and because the inductive reactance of short network accounts for more than 70% of the inductive reactance of the whole system, the high-voltage end compensation does not reduce the inductive reactance of short network system and improve the power factor of short network. The purpose of increasing transformer output is only meaningful to the power supply department.cheap ferrosilicon furnace - Juxinde

Therefore, some units have taken the measures of high and low voltage reactive power compensation at the same time on the new furnace to solve the above problems. Compensation at the short network end can greatly improve the power factor at the short network end and reduce the power consumption. In view of the large amount of reactive power consumption and imbalance of the short network at the low voltage side of the furnace transformer, taking into account the effective improvement of the power factor, the technical transformation of reactive power local compensation is technically reliable and mature, Economically speaking, input and output are in direct proportion. On the low-voltage side of submerged arc furnace, the reactive power local compensation for the three-phase imbalance caused by the inconsistency between the reactive power consumption of short network and its layout length has incomparable advantages of high-voltage compensation in terms of improving power factor, absorbing harmonics, increasing production and reducing consumption. However, due to the high cost and the poor working environment, the service life is greatly affected. At the same time, the reactive power compensation at the low-voltage end of the short network also brings the increase of harmonics. Therefore, measures must be taken to suppress the 3rd ~ 7th harmonics, so as to increase the investment and prolong the investment recovery cycle. At the same time, the follow-up maintenance cost is high and the comprehensive benefit is poor. Generally, it is only applicable to new furnaces.

Submerged furnace's future direction

1. Submerged arc furnace is developing towards high-power and large-scale. In order to improve thermal efficiency, improve productivity and meet the process requirements of power centralized smelting;

2. Low frequency (0.3-3hz) smelting can save and improve product quality.

3. Smoke exhaust, dust removal and energy recovery devices are set.

4. Develop hollow electrode system. Small particles and fine materials can be added from the hollow electrode to save energy, electrode consumption and stabilize the molten pool.

5. The furnace body rotating structure is adopted.

6. Develop computer process software system suitable for various submerged arc furnace process requirements to guide smelting and make smelting reach the best state. So as to improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and increase output.

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