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Reclaimer types and its applications

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Bucket wheel reclaimers use "bucket wheels" to remove material from the piles they recycle.A scraper reclaimer uses a series of scrapers on a chain to reclaim material.There are many types of reclaimer structures, including portal and bridge.Reclaimers are named according to their type, eg "bridge reclaimer".Both portal and bridge reclaimers can use bucket wheels or scrapers to retrieve product.Bridge reclaimers mix stacked product as it reclaims it.Whenever material is placed in any recycling process, it forms a pile. Mixed bed stackers and reclaimers form such piles in a circular fashion.To do this, they take recycled material and pass it through a conveyor system that rotates around the center of the pile, forming a circle.This allows the heap to be evenly distributed during recycling and allows the oldest material in the heap to be recycled before newer material.During this process, the recycled material is cut using a rake tool in order to combine the material.Some mixed bed reclaimers are equipped with rakes to ensure that no material becomes lodged in the machine.These rakes are made in a variety of materials and sizes depending on the climate in which the reclaimer will operate.In sub-freezing temperatures, use a harder material to create a rake with a modified edge that breaks up any ice or debris before piling.Reclaimer

Cantilever chain reclaimers are designed to use longer booms.Cantilever chain reclaimers use a truss system that is attached to the pad and then to chains that are bolted to the lift chute and secured to the reclaimer.The angle of this boom is then set by a cable winch system and supported using a cable system.Using cables, the boom can be lowered slightly with each recovery cycle.This chain system creates a push-pull effect that collects any loose material and moves it to the edge of the recycling pile.After the loose material is collected, it is lifted and moved for further processing.

Reclaimer applications

Recycling machines are mainly used in the recycling process.These processes can have low, medium and high material flow rates. Reclaimers consist of bucket wheels, counterweight arms, and rocker arms; they also use a conveyor system to move any material recovered from the boom to its specific pile.These machines can be assembled differently depending on the desired recovery load rate and boom length.These changes are made to accommodate relative fluctuations in traffic and load patterns.If the material flow rate is high, use a boom and bucket wheel combination.

Control systems

Stackers and reclaimers were originally human-controlled machines without remote controls. Modern machines are often fully automated and their parameters (for stacking or picking) are set remotely.Some older reclaimers may still be manually controlled, as reclaiming is more difficult to automate than stacking due to the complexity of automatic detection of stack edges for different environmental conditions and different bulk materials.

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