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ladle arc furnace company

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  • 2023-06-12

    In metallurgy, a ladle is a barrel or vessel used for transporting and pouring molten metal. Ladles are commonly used in foundries and range in size from small, hand-held containers resembling kitchen ladles and holding 20 kg (44 lb) to large ladles weighing up to 300 tons (295 l
  • 2023-06-11

    Ladles can be of "lip pour" design, "teapot spout" design, "lip shaft design" or "bottom pour" design:• For lip pour designs, the ladle is tilted and the molten metal is poured from the ladle like water from a pitcher.• Teapot spout design, like a teapot, draws liquid from the bo
  • 2022-08-22

    Electric furnace steelmaking​ mainly uses arc heat. In the arc action zone, the temperature is as high as 4000 °C. The smelting process is generally divided into a melting period, an oxidation period and a reduction period. In the furnace, not only an oxidizing atmosphere but also a reducing atmosphere can be created, so the efficiency of dephosphorization and desulfurization is very high.
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