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Ladle and ladle capping technology

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Ladle and ladle capping technology has applied for national patent

At present, the vast majority of domestic iron and steel enterprises use open hot metal tanks to hold hot metal and transport it from the blast furnace to the steelmaking operation area by diesel locomotive or automobile. The distance is relatively far, usually up to several thousand meters, and this section of the road is open-air, with long transportation and waiting time. In addition, the molten iron ladle is open, and the molten iron is in direct contact with the air. The temperature difference between the molten iron and the molten iron ladle and the air is large, resulting in continuous heat exchange and a large amount of heat dissipation. In particular, the heat dissipation area of the molten iron ladle is large, which increases energy consumption and affects the service life of the ladle lining, The production cost is increased, and the safety of hot metal transportation is poor. The above situation is worse in rainy and snowy weather.

The hot metal ladle capping device can not only significantly reduce the heat loss of hot metal in the process of transportation and waiting, but also effectively reduce the emission of smoke and other pollutants into the atmosphere, increase the environmental protection index, achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance and simple operation.

Functional features

1. It is seamlessly embedded with the hot metal chartered car and runs with the car without increasing the process time and parking spots;

2. One vehicle and one system, independent and complete set, suitable for new construction and reconstruction;

3. Independent tank cover, easy to replace;

4. Remote control and fixed-point power supply;

5. It can reduce the drop of iron water temperature by about 20 ~ 30 ℃ and increase the loading of steel-making scrap;

6. Each ton of molten iron can reduce the heat dissipation loss by no less than 1500kj / h;

7. Keep the red envelope iron connection, and eliminate the phenomenon of iron solidification and can spraying;

8. Improve the service life of hot metal ladle refractory, reduce the consumption of refractory and improve the ladle age;

9. Small investment, low operating cost and fast income.

Technical benefits

1. Increase the temperature of hot metal and increase the desulfurization efficiency of hot metal pretreatment;

2. The higher the temperature of molten iron, the more physical heat will be brought in. In steelmaking, more scrap steel can be added and less molten iron can be used to reach the target temperature, reduce blowing loss and reduce the cost of steel. In addition, the steelmaking process can reasonably balance the heat of steelmaking process according to the increase of physical heat of molten iron. Adopt the technology of increasing coolant such as ore or sinter to reduce steel material consumption and oxygen consumption. The consumption of ore or sinter can be increased to ~ 30kg / T, so as to reduce the comprehensive cost of steelmaking.

Scope of application

It is applicable to various forms of ladle and hot metal transfer modes, forming a system without changing the original tank car structure. Such as all kinds of standard rail moment and non-standard gauge iron clad cars, tire iron clad cars, various forms of iron clad cars, etc.

Other benefits

1. Reduce smoke and dust emission, improve the environment of the whole plant and reduce pollution;

2. The ladle age of molten iron is increased, the phenomenon of nodulation and crusting is reduced, the labor volume of workers in the ladle repair area is reduced, and the safety guarantee of operators is improved.

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