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Guide to select used ball mill and various advantages

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As an important mineral processing equipment, ball mill is widely used in major markets. It is the key equipment for crushing materials after crushing. With the rapid economic development and the blind investment of investors, a large number of idle factories and mines have closed down. These "second-hand" devices have begun to enter our field of vision in large numbers on the market.

Sometimes consumers may ignore some fundamental problems when it comes to "second-hand". For example, the performance of second-hand ball mills is actually passable. Some consumers do not know how to buy and give up second-hand ball mills that are more cost-effective. In the past few years, with the use of second-hand ball mills, both in terms of service life and efficacy, they have all passed the inspection one by one. The market demand for second-hand ball mills has also greatly increased, and the market has been born.

Used ball mill equipment advantages for buying

For some SMEs, there are many benefits to buying a used ball mill. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Cost saving

The most attractive part of second-hand ball mills is the price. The price is the premise to impress consumers. The price difference between second-hand equipment and novice equipment is generally between 10% and 25%. The price is more acceptable, and it can achieve the desired Function. However, consumers must consider the service life of the product and the current condition of the product when purchasing.ball mill for gold mining company -Juxinde

2. Save time

It takes about 3-6 months or even longer to make a new piece of equipment, while used ball mills can be bought on the go.

3. Risk reduction: Due to the relatively large investment in similar large-scale equipment, the rapid changes in the market economy, and the relatively large fluctuations in market conditions, if the investment can be made in a timely and rapid manner, the depreciation rate of the equipment is relatively small, the cost is relatively small, and the recovery speed is accelerated to reduce the risk.

How to buy used ball mill grinder?

1. Check the age and source

After choosing a suitable ball mill model, you need to look at its age and source. The ball mill mainly smashes the material, and its lining plate and steel ball are vulnerable parts. If the service life is too long, the replacement rate of each part of the ball mill will also increase, increasing unnecessary costs. Its source is equally important. It checks whether the source channel is formal, and the qualified product source guarantees the use of the machine. Try to choose a brand with high brand awareness and new equipment.

2. Always remember the purpose of selection

To meet the needs of production stability and high efficiency, look at the price.

3. According to the wear degree of the mill, especially the bearing wear

Second-hand ball mills come from a variety of sources, and it is inevitable that there will be machines that are scrapped and refurbished and then sold at high prices. Therefore, it must be tested on the spot when purchasing to check the degree of wear and tear and whether the operation is normal.

4. Trial operation of the mill

See if there is any abnormal noise in the mill; and the cylinder and related parts of the mill should be checked by professionals to see if they meet their own production needs.

5. A bad motor pretends to be a good motor

First, use an ammeter to measure whether the circuit is open, check whether the paint is consistent, whether the oil-covered wire turns black, and whether the sound is uniform when the motor is running.

6. The low-voltage motor pretends to be a high-voltage motor

Distinguish whether the copper wire entering the motor is thick or thin, thick low voltage, thicker high voltage.

7. Small mills pretend to be big mills for sale

The general welding process of equipment in large factories is very fine and uniform, while the production of small factories is rough and irregular, and the process does not meet the requirements.

How to reduce the wear effect of dry ball mill steel balls?

1. Control the speed of the ball mill

Under the premise that the ratio of steel balls in the ball mill is reasonable and the rotation speed of the ball mill increases, the steel balls in the cylinder will be in a state of leakage and become a thrown pile body. The ore effect is better, and the steel ball wear of the ball mill is more reasonable. The theoretical critical rotation rate of the ball mill is generally 78 to 84%. Due to the nature of the material and other factors, the speed of the ball mill needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

2. Regularly clean the invalid ball

Adding new steel balls will cause too many failed balls and the broken ball rate will increase, which will lead to an increase in the bearing capacity of the ball mill and increase power consumption, which is one of the reasons for the high ball consumption. The ball is very important.

3. Reasonable steel ball grading

The steel balls in the mill have different sizes and proportions, among which the large balls account for 30~40%, the medium balls account for 40%~30%, and the small balls account for 30%. The smaller the size, the larger balls should be added regularly, but attention should be paid to a reasonable ratio. If the proportion of large balls in the mill exceeds 70%, the effective area of the grinding balls will decrease, which will not only increase the ball consumption, but also affect the grinding efficiency. The inner large diameter steel ball accounts for more than 70%, which will reduce the action area of the grinding ball. We know that the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is calculated by the sum of the work done by each steel ball. Too many large balls lead to many grinding balls. It is also an inevitable result that the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is reduced if it does not exert its efficiency.

4. Add grinding aid or heat treatment

The grindability of the material is also an important factor affecting the consumption of steel balls in the ball mill. In actual production, if you encounter difficult-to-grind materials, you can appropriately add some grinding aids or heat the ore to reduce the hardness of the material and improve the Easy grinding is also an effective way to reduce ball consumption.

5. Reduce the feed particle size

The larger the grinding particle size of the ball mill, the greater the work done by the ball mill on the material. In order to achieve the specified grinding fineness, the workload of the ball mill is bound to increase, and subsequently, the energy consumption of the steel balls will also increase. In order to reduce the power consumption of the ball mill, the particle size of the grinding material can be reduced, so the particle size of the crushed ore product is required to be small, that is, "more crushing and less grinding".

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