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Cold rolling mill and cold rolling operator

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Cold rolling mill can be regarded as a kind of mechanical equipment, especially in machining. Moreover, for us, we must also understand the object, because it is website products and keywords. Therefore, based on these two factors, next, we will study the product, so that we can have a comprehensive understanding, rather than stay on the surface.

1. In the cold rolling mill, there must be parts. What are they?

Cold rolling mill is a kind of machine and equipment, which can be seen frequently in some fields or industries because of its wide application. In terms of composition, there are some necessary and important parts. Specifically, they are backup roll, work roll, pressing hydraulic cylinder and bending hydraulic cylinder. Moreover, they are also essential.

2. Are all cold rolling operators on the cold rolling machine?

Cold rolling operator, as the name suggests, refers to the worker who operates the cold rolling mill. However, this type of work is dominated by cold-rolled strip steel and reversible cold rolling mill. On other cold rolling mills, it is not necessary. If it is not necessary, it will not be configured. Therefore, the answer to this question is No.

3. During the cold rolling process of the cold rolling mill, its rolling force remains unchanged, but changes?

In the view of Wuxi Ruihua metallurgy, the manufacturer of cold rolling mill, it is obvious that the answer is the latter, that is, the rolling force of cold rolling mill will certainly change in the rolling process, and this is also a normal phenomenon. Don't worry. In addition, there are many influencing factors.

For the cold rolling mill, it can be said that the above problems are very important and practical. Therefore, we can't take it lightly. We should take it seriously and master the knowledge involved in it in time. In this way, we can gain and make progress from it, and then supplement our professional knowledge in this field.

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