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Cold Rolling Mill: A New Type of Steel Bar Cold Rolling Processing Equipment

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Cold rolling mill is a new type of steel bar cold rolling processing equipment. The machine can process hot-rolled wire rods and coils with diameters between 6.5 mm and 12 mm into finished cold-rolled ribbed bars with diameters between 5 mm and 12 mm. The cold rolled ribbed steel bars rolled by the cold rolling mill are the replacement products of cold drawn low-carbon steel wires in prestressed concrete members. In cast-in-situ concrete structures, Grade I steel bars can be replaced to save steel, which is a better kind of cold worked steel of the same kind. If speed regulation is not required in the rolling process of cold rolling mill, AC motor can be used; If speed regulation is required during rolling of cold rolling mill, DC motor can be used.

Cold rolling mill advantages and characteristics

In the process of rolling cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, the cold-rolling mill equipment can simultaneously cold-work the warp and weft directions of the base metal. Under the premise of retaining the relative balance and stability of the original section center area, it can improve the resistance to position and compression. At the same time, it still retains sufficient elongation properties, so that the geometric parameters (rolled thickness, section width-to-thickness ratio, area reduction and pitch) and four material indicators (tensile strength, conditional yield value, elongation and cooling Bend) can be used in important industrial and civil buildings with a first-class safety level, saving steel consumption and reducing building prices.Cold Rolling Mill buy-juxinde

Cold rolling mill structural composition

The cold rolling mill is composed of working mechanism and transmission mechanism, including:

1. The working mechanism is composed of stand, roll, roll bearing, roll adjusting mechanism, guide device, roll seat, etc.

2. The transmission mechanism is composed of gear base, reducer, roller, connecting shaft, coupling, etc.

Introduction to rolling mill:

The gantry type horizontal double active rolling mill group is composed of two active rolling mills. The installation method and structure of the two rolling mills are the same. The main drive part adopts the structure of "motor → reducer → cardan shaft → rolling mill". The two rolling mills are horizontal rolling mills, and the rolls are installed horizontally. The rolling mill adopts a gantry type arch. The roll ring is sleeved on the roll spindle, and the nut is fixed. The two ends of the roll spindle are equipped with bearing pedestals, which are installed in the middle of the gantry. The bearing pedestals and the gantry type arch frame are installed together, and the rolls are horizontally fixed in the middle of the gantry. The upper and lower rolls are installed in the same way. The first reducing mill is used to flatten the raw materials, extrude the ribbed steel bars with crescent on both sides through the second forming mill, and twist the guide to adjust the rolled piece to achieve the elliptical rolled piece after one pass of rolling to twist 90 ° into the second rolling forming mill to roll the finished steel bars.

Cold rolling mill working principle

The cold rolling mill uses the motor to drag the steel bars, and the load bearing roll and the working roll of the cold rolling mill are used to apply the force on both sides of the steel bars. By changing the gap between two rolls, cold rolled ribbed bars with different diameters can be rolled.

1. Bearing roll: the bearing roll of the cold rolling mill is the roll closest to the base. When producing ribbed steel bars, this roll plays a role of supporting the steel bars, and evenly distributes the gravity of the steel bars and the working gravity of the working roll on the bearing roll, so as to produce rib lines on the lower surface of the steel bars.

2. Work roll: the work roll of the cold rolling mill is on the top of the bearing roll, which is the farthest away from the base. Therefore, when producing ribbed steel bars, the roll mainly plays the role of rolling the steel bars supported by the bearing roll, so as to produce rib lines on the upper surface of the steel bars.

Cold rolling mill maintenance

1. Check whether the electrical system of the cold rolling mill is normal before starting each shift.

2. Check whether the oil level of each oil tank is normal.

3. Whether all oil injection parts are filled with oil.

4. Whether the feeding of base metal is reasonable.

5. After checking the above items.

6. The electrical parts of the cold rolling mill shall be regularly cleaned of dust and debris.

7. The moving parts shall be regularly checked for looseness and rationality.

8. During the production process, the cold rolling mill shall not be used beyond the limit to avoid damage to some mechanical parts of the cold rolling mill. Rolling shall be carried out according to the rolling standards to ensure the safe use of the cold rolling mill equipment and the conformity of the products.

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