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Best dry ball mill classification and applications

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The ball mill is the key equipment for the material to be crushed and then crushed. This type of grinding machine is to put a certain number of steel balls in its barrel as grinding medium. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics and other production industries, dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. Ball mills are suitable for grinding various ores and other materials. They are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. They can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods.

Ball mill equipment classification

1. Ball mills are classified according to the ratio of the length to the diameter of the cylinderball mill grinder for sale -Juxinde

(1) Short mill: when the aspect ratio is less than 2, it is a short mill. Generally, it is a single warehouse, which is used for rough grinding or primary grinding. It can also be used in series with 2-3 ball mills.

(2) Medium and long mill: When the aspect ratio is about 3, it is called a medium and long mill.

(3) Long mill: when the ratio of length to warp is more than 4, it is a long mill or a tube mill. Medium and long mills and long mills are generally divided into 2-4 bins inside. It is used more in cement growth.

2. According to the shape of the grinding media loaded in the ball mill

(1) The grinding medium loaded in the ball mill is mainly steel balls or steel segments, and this kind of mill is widely used.

(2) Steel rods with a diameter of 50-100mm are loaded into the rod mill as grinding media, and the ratio of the length of the rod mill to the diameter is generally 1.5-2.

(3) Baseball mill This type of mill usually has 2-4 bins. Cylindrical steel rods are loaded into the diyi bin as grinding media, and later each bin is loaded with steel balls or steel segments. The length-diameter ratio of the baseball mill should be about 5, the ratio of the length of the bar bin to the effective diameter of the mill should be between 1.2-1.5, and the length of the bar is about 100mm shorter than the bar bin, so as to facilitate the parallel arrangement of the steel bars and prevent cross and Chaos stick.

3. Ball mills are classified by discharge method

(1) The material to be milled in a tail discharge mill is fed from one end of the mill and discharged from the other end, which is called a tail discharge mill.

(2) The material to be milled in the middle discharge mill is fed from both ends of the mill and discharged from the middle of the mill barrel, which is called a middle discharge mill. It is equivalent to using two ball mills in parallel, so the equipment is compact and the process is simplified. According to the discharge method of the tail discharge mill, there are various types of grid discharge, overflow discharge, peripheral discharge and wind discharge.

4. Classification by transmission mode

(1) The motor of the ZX drive mill drives the hollow shaft at the discharge end of the mill through the reducer to drive the grinding body to rotate, and the output shaft of the deceleration and mill is in a straight line with the ZX line of the mill.

(2) The motor of the edge drive ball mill drives the large gear fixed on the discharge end cylinder through the reducer to drive the mill cylinder to rotate.

5. Other categories

According to the process operation, it can be divided into dry mill, wet mill, batch ball mill and continuous ball mill. Compared with gap mills, continuous mills have higher output, lower power consumption per unit weight of product, higher degree of mechanization and fewer operators. However, the capital construction investment cost is large, and the operation and maintenance are more complicated. Now batch mills are rarely used and are often used as laboratory experimental mills.

Ball mill for gold mining application in concrete equipment

In aerated concrete equipment, ball mills are mainly used for grinding limestone, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. Mixing can only be done after these equipment materials have been ground and uniformly stirred. And only these mixed concretes meet the working standards. The production of aerated concrete crushing is an important process in the grinding process, and it is one of the working machines that consume the most electricity.

The ball mill is based on simplified horizontal simplified, hollow shaft and long cylinder composed of grinding materials, etc. Simplified grinding cylinder, bottle made of steel, coated outer steel and simplified sleeve, general grinding ball system of steel, according to different pipe diameters, loads of In a certain proportion, the effect of steel can also be different, which can be selected by the abrasive particle size, and the fuel is fed by the end of the hollow shaft in the cylinder. When the cylinder liner leaves behind the cylinder, it adopts a certain height, because of its own gravity, the ball mill rotates, and the objects in the high place fall down due to the action of centripetal force, thereby achieving the effect of crushing.

During the rotation of the ball mill cylinder, the grinding body also slides down. During the sliding process, the material is subjected to grinding action. In order to effectively utilize the grinding action, the grinding body cylinder is divided into two sections with a partition board, that is, a double bin. When the material enters the first warehouse, it is crushed by steel balls. When the material enters the second warehouse, the steel end grinds the material, and the finely ground material is discharged from the hollow shaft at the discharge end, and the material with small feed particles is ground. At times, such as No. 2 sand slag, coarse fly ash, the barrel of the mill may not be provided with a partition, and become a single-silo mill.

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