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Belt-type sinterer information about components and working principle

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As one of the blast furnace raw material supply equipment, the sintering machine also plays a very important role. The sintering machine trolley is mainly responsible for charging, igniting, sintering on the track and discharging sinter at the tail. The belt sintering machine is the main equipment in the sintering process. The tail actuator traction mechanism is mainly composed of a trolley, a roller, a tail star wheel, a tail track, a counterweight, and a moving frame.

The principle of continuous strand sinter machine

The belt sintering machine is a sintering mechanical equipment equipped with a mixed material trolley driven by the head and tail star wheels and equipped with ignition and air extraction devices. The trolley is charged and ignited at the head and unloaded at the tail. The exhaust fan is used to draw air to support combustion, and within the effective sintering length, the mixture is sintered from top to bottom to generate sintered ore.

The belt sintering machine is composed of a closed track laid on the steel structure and a series of sintering trolleys that move continuously on the track. First, the bottoming material (10-20mm) separated from the sinter is added to the trolley to protect the trolley grating and reduce the ash content of the exhaust gas. Then, the sintered mixture is added to the trolley through the distributing machine, and the specified height is maintained. Then, the sintering is carried out by suction and ignition, and as the trolley advances, the sintering process continues downward from the surface of the material layer. At the end of the machine, the sintering is completed, and the trolley is turned over to dump the sintered cake. The empty trolley runs along the lower track to the head of the sintering machine, and then refuels for ignition and sintering, and the cycle continues. After the sintered cake is crushed and screened out, the heat is returned to the ore, and then sent to the cooler for cooling. The exhaust gas extracted from the material layer passes through the air box under the trolley to the gas collecting main pipe and the dust removal device, and is discharged to the chimney by the exhaust fan.

Structural composition of belt type sinterer

Belt sintering machine consists of feeding system, ignition device, transmission mechanism, track, trolley, bellows, sealing device and frame.

A closed track for the trolleys is laid on the frame of the steel structure. Each trolley runs continuously on the closed track. Its drive is to lift the trolley from the lower track through the head curve to the upper part through the head star wheel. Level the track, and push the front trolley to move towards the tail of the aircraft. During the movement of the trolley, the feeding device will lay the bottom.belt-type sinterer cost -Juxinde

The material and mixture are loaded on the trolley, and when the trolley moves to the top of the bellows, that is, below the igniter, the ignition and ventilation are simultaneously carried out, and the sintering process begins. When the trolley continues to move, the bellows located under the trolley continues to draw air, and the sintering process continues. When the trolley moves to the bellows at the rear of the sintering machine or the previous bellows, the sintering process is completed, and the trolley is at the bend at the rear of the machine. Carry out overturning and unloading, and then move along the running track of a horizontal (swing frame type horizontal mobile type) or a certain inclination (fixed curved sintering machine at the tail) by the pushing action of the back trolley. When the trolley moves to the head At the upper corner, it is bitten by the rotating head star wheel, and turns to the upper horizontal track through the head curve.

Classification of sinter plants

The belt sintering machine can be divided into: Luqi type, McKee type and Copas type from the structure.

The structural parameters of the head and tail star wheels of Luqi belt sintering machine are exactly the same. The main feature is that the tail is equipped with a moving frame (or swing frame. The tail is made into a movable structure to absorb the center distance of the sintering machine caused by the thermal expansion of the trolley and the star wheel. changes, thereby avoiding the trolley from jamming and the impact of harmful impact forces.

The Mackie belt sintering machine is basically the same as the Luqi type in terms of structure, that is, the head and tail are equipped with star wheels with the same mechanism parameters. Its main feature is that the head star wheel, motor and reducer are all installed on the head moving frame, and the head environment is better, so the operation is safe and reliable. The head star wheel device does not need to be covered with a dust cover, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

The characteristic of the Copaas belt sintering machine is that only a transmission star wheel is provided at the head, a fixed curve is installed at the tail, and the return lane has a certain inclination angle. The thermal expansion and contraction of the trolley and the tailstock are adjusted by hydraulic devices.

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