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Air separation system's expansion refrigeration system

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Air separation unit expansion refrigeration system

Generally, there are three types of expanders, namely, low-pressure expander, medium pressure expander and liquid expander.

For a certain type of gas expander, the greater the volume flow of working medium, the higher the efficiency. Generally, the efficiency of the low-pressure expander with a flow of more than 8000nm is 85 ∽ 88%, and the efficiency of the expander with a flow of less than 3000 ∽ 8000nm will be as low as 70 ∽ 80%.best liquid oxygen plant - Juxinde

Generally, one medium pressure expander is imported and the other is domestic (standby). The efficiency of imported expander with gas volume above 8000nm /h is 82 ∽ 91% (4 points less at the booster end); The efficiency of domestic expander is 78 ∽ 87% (5 points less at the booster end).

Before the start-up of the expander, it is necessary to purge (remove the impurities in the piping system and the volute of the expander), then supply the sealing gas (normally provided by the pressurizing end), and then conduct the external circulation and internal circulation of the oil system. After the interlock test, the expander can be started. After the cold test is qualified, it can be cold tightened; It is necessary to start the oil tank heater for cold start, which is not required after normal operation. At this time, the cold and heat of the bearing have been balanced.

The essence of the liquid expander is to use the pressure head of the high-pressure liquid to do hydraulic work (at the same time, the liquid enthalpy is reduced, but it is far from that of the gas). Generally, the liquid expander can be used to replace the high-pressure liquid air throttle valve for the internal compression air separation equipment above 40000 grade. Its advantage is that it can save energy by using liquid expansion machine cold and expansion work to generate electricity. Generally, it can save energy by about 2%, but its investment is up to ten million yuan.

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